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 Welcome, and please read before posting.

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PostSubject: Welcome, and please read before posting.   Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:13 pm

Hello, and good day to you all.

I just wish to clairify a few things to all of you before you guys start posting. To ensure the best out of our community, please remember that this forum is spam-free(Meaning no spam, and not the other way around) and a friendly community.

Begging threads/posts are ONLY allowed in the begging section
There is a begging section, but not located here. Please keep in mind that all begging threads/posts posted at the wrong location could be the result of ban, or restrictions depending on the degree.

Here are some examples of begging

"Can someone please send me the hack? I can't download it"
"Please make a hack for me! I really need it"
"Can anyone send me the new hacks onto my email? Thx"

Normally, the thread would be deleted, but if one is caught doing it continously, the result is ban.

Advertisements of any other forums, or programs are prohibited

Please make sure that you understand that we wish for our members to stay inside our forum and enlarge, but not to encourage them to scatter off. Posts/threads such as those will be deleted.

Here are some common rules to keep in mind

Things not allowed on Ganaka Forums:
Explicit language
Offensive images
Discussion of private cheats in public sections
Crashing Game Servers
Racial/Religious/Sexual slurs
Non-factual political discussion
Trojans/Virii/Phishing and the posting thereof
Hateful remarks about ideals and territories
Warez including but not limited to-
No-CD Cracks
Program cracks
Non-promotional software downloads
Leaking private cheats/info from our site
Starting "drama" type threads or posts
Not posting in English or providing a translation
Advertising for personal gain/self promotion

Thank you for those who took their time reading, and enjoy your stay Smile
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Welcome, and please read before posting.
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